About Me

First, my name is Madeline & I was born in May of 1992, making me twenty years of age.

Under loves heaven burden do I sink, with a guy who makes me a better person.

I’m and Instagram Junkie & a frequent Pinner.

I’m a nanny to a precious one year old girl who I will call Livy Lou.

I love Green Bay Packers Football & Kentucky Basketball, along with all the pretty boys in that state.

I live for heart to hearts over coffee, late night Skype calls, trashy tv shows, and anything dealing with babies.

I study Early Childhood Education in school & I want nothing more than to be a teacher, a loving wife, and a mother to lots of adorable babies.

I dye my hair way too much, I spend too much money on lingerie and makeup, & I drink green tea like it’s about to be illegal. I cook recipes for my family & I attempt craft. I have a best friend who is almost 1,000 miles from me & I’m currently on the phone with her now as I’m creating this.

This is pish posh about my life & all the beautiful I share it with.
Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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